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Macintosh Freeware by Paul Cunningham

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CodeKeys 1.1
A very simple system extension that adds additional functionality to the numeric keypad on standard Apple keyboards. Though its features are directed towards software development, others may find it useful as well.

Hell's Programmer 1.1
A monospaced bitmap font specifically optimized for use in software development. Though it may appear similar to Monaco, there are many subtle differences in addition to having a slashed zero, such as serifs on narrower letters, bolder punctuation, and the full Macintosh character set for viewing special characters. The overall effect is a slightly more readable and usable font when viewing code in a typical text editor.

Mines 1.0
This is one of the smallest and most elegant versions of the popular Mine Sweeper game. This application has been tested on many different Macintosh platforms, and has been successful in its initial release for over four years.

Performance Modules 1.2
A small collection of simple and straight-forward control strip modules for use with Apple's Control Strip software including:

FreeMem displays how much memory remains in the partition of the active process. Clicking on the module temporarily displays the total partition size of the active process.

Simple Clock, which displays the current time in minutes and seconds. Clicking on the module temporarily displays the current date. The time and date displayed is based on current settings in the "Date & Time" control panel.

TaskMan 1.2
TaskMan is an extension which adds the ability to switch between running processes using the keyboard. It is sometimes considered the Task Manager from Windows running on a Macintosh.

U.S. Dvorak and U.S. Dvorak II
System 7 keyboard layouts which can be dropped into your System Folder. As an efficient alternative to the standard QWERTY layout, Dvorak may be just the thing you need if you are currently fighting repetitive stress injury (RSI) problems.

VoxClock 1.0
A simple FKEY which announces the time using the Apple Speech Manager.

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